Great Days of Service in Irving


Please take a look at some of the requirements that are used determine eligibility and frequently asked questions:

  • Is everyone eligible?   No, there is a maximum household income requirement –see below:
Household count Maximum Household Income
1 $41,100
2 $47,000
3 $52,850
4 $58,700
5 $63,400
6 $68,100
7 $72,800
8 $77,500
  • Is this a government program?
    • No, although working in partnership with government organizations, It is a private, non-profit volunteer effort.
  • Besides income, is there any other qualifications that are looked at?
    • The person(s) applying must own and live in the home.
    • The person(s) must have an economic need.
    • The person(s) must not be able to complete the repairs without assistance.
  • What information does the homeowner(s)/recipient(s) need to provide?
    • Name(s) and age(s) of all person living in the home
    • Proof of income for all adults living in the home (tax return, Social Security award letter, work stub, etc)
    • Proof of home ownership
    • Proof of insurance
    • Proof that mortgage is current
    • Proof taxes are current
    • Code violation citation (if applicable)
  • How are houses chosen?
    • The application is filled out and sent into GDS headquarters.
    • The application is reviewed by committee whose members have a background in homebuilding, architecture, housing needs, accessibility, code enforcement, etc. 
    • The committee will select potential recipients and make an appointment with the homeowers to visit each house for a visual inspection of the work needed and also interview the homeowner.
    • After the inspection, the committee will then meet again and make final selections.
    • The homeowner(s) are then notified if selected.
  • What is the cost to the homeowner(s)?
    • There is no cost to the recipient(s).  GDS relies on private and corporate donations.
  • Who will work on the house?
    • Volunteers come from all parts of the community.  They will introduce themselves and make it known they are a part of Great Days of Service.  
  • When will the work be done?
    • Each spring, GDS-Irving sets aside two weekends during which work is scheduled to be completed.  Homeowner(s) will be contacted prior to the dates to make sure the schedule will work.
  • What does the homeowner(s) do while the work is being done?
    • If the homeowner(s) or family member is able-bodied, GDS would welcome assistance in doing the work.
    • Homeowners are expected to be there on the day to answer questions or clarification on work needed.
    • Volunteers may need to use the bathroom. 
    • Homeowner(s) will need to make sure pets are controlled and away from work area.
  • Release Form
    • Before the work is done by volunteers, homeowner(s) will need to sign off on work being done.  The signature is needed to show acknowledgement that the work is being completed without cost.  It also is a release and waiver of any and all liability or claims resulting from work being completed by the GDS-Irving program.
  • Where do I find the forms?
  • Any other questions?
    • Please feel free to call 972-510-5084 for other questions or assistance 
    • Or email


Applications can be submitted to:

Great Days of Service –Irving

PO Box 154044

Irving TX 75015